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Stakeholders in ISO 9001

· One min read
Israel Munguia

ISO standards require us to identify who the stakeholders are in our company concerning the management system we are implementing. Once identified, it is essential to understand their needs and expectations.

In essence, we are assessing the level of satisfaction of all individuals, entities, or institutions with an interest in our company, and, therefore, we are committed to meeting their requirements.

Meeting the needs and expectations of stakeholders is an unavoidable responsibility for your company, and measuring the degree of satisfaction can provide significant value, provided it is done intelligently.

Unfortunately, in many companies, this requirement is addressed in a basic manner and lacks utility due to a lack of understanding of its true value.

In the following video, I will present a smart strategy that will allow you to identify and measure stakeholder satisfaction, providing tangible value to your company. This approach is applicable to standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, and many others.


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