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5 Steps to Build Organizational Culture

· 3 min read
Israel Munguia

In this article, we will provide you with five key steps to establish a strong organizational culture in your company, specifically tailored to the standards of the ISO 9001.

1. Choose Your Standard

The first crucial step is to recognize that in a smart company, organizational culture is not a result of chance but a strategic plan based on the company's long-term needs and objectives. For this, it is essential to consider the internal context and the vision you have for your company in the near future. With this information in mind, select one or a maximum of two aspects you wish to make an integral part of your company's culture. Start with one or two for effectiveness and over time, you can enrich it further.


  • If your company is in technology and aims to stimulate idea generation, you could adopt "employee participation" as your standard.
  • In the case of a manufacturing company where waste reduction is vital, consider "Doing the job right because the customer is most important" as a possible standard, along with principles like "if I see it wrong, I report it."
  • If ineffective communication is a recurring issue in your company, you could opt for "effective communication" as your standard.

2. Document Your Standard

Facilitate understanding and adoption of these principles by your staff by creating documents that serve as reference. Depending on your standard, one or more documents may be required. The quality policy is an ideal place to embody these principles, but you can also present them through values, graphics, or other visual means.

3. Integrate Them into Daily Routine

The best approach to incorporate organizational culture into your company is to actively involve your staff in it. To achieve this, allocate specific resources, such as training, daily or weekly meetings, activities, and communication campaigns related to your standard.

4. Appoint a Leader

It's undeniable that companies require leaders. Designate someone to guide your team in adopting and promoting the organizational culture you have established.

5. Let Go

It is essential to acknowledge that not everyone will be compatible with the culture you are developing, either due to resistance to change or negative attitudes. If you identify individuals who are undermining your team's efforts, you must make the decision to part ways with them. Remember that your company cannot afford to stagnate due to individuals who do not contribute to positive change.

These are the key steps you should follow to establish an organizational culture focused on the ISO 9001 standard. Remember that it is more effective to start with one or two concepts and then gradually add the standard's principles using these same steps.

It is essential to provide new employees with the necessary attention to quickly integrate them into the company's dynamics.


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